Too many logs recorded in zookeeper.out

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Too many logs recorded in zookeeper.out

Noriyuki TAKEI

I use Solr Cloud with 3 Zoo Keepers and 2 Solr Servers,
having 3 shards and 2 replicas.

These servers are running as virtual machine on VMWare and
virtual machines are stored in the iSCSI storage attached to VMWare.

One day,iSCSI storage failure suddenly occurred and then 1 Solr Server and
2 Zoo Keepers were inaccessible via SSH.But indexing and searching
seemed to work properly.

In order to recover, I powered down and started up virtual machines
inaccessible via SSH.
For a few minutes after Zoo Keeper starting up,too many logs as below were
recorded in

Unexpected exception causing shutdown while sock still open
at org.apache.jute.BinaryInputArchive.readInt(

The logs shown above were recorded in zookeeper.out once per 3 millisecond.

Why were too many logs recorded?