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Re: ActiveMQ is now using ZooKeeper

Patrick Hunt
That's great, very cool!

Can you create ZOOKEEPER JIRAs for these items that you've identified?
First look it seems like we should be able to include these in 3.1.0,
perhaps even 3.0.2.



Hiram Chirino wrote:

> FYI:
> ActiveMQ has now started using ZooKeeper to do master election of it's
> HA clusters.  So zookeeper is now going to get included in every new
> ActiveMQ distro we cut.  Which in turn this should mean that it will
> get included in every ServiceMix and Geronimo distro since they
> repackage ActiveMQ.
> More details at:
> So this might start bringing more folks/requirements to your project.
> For example it would be nice if:
> - You had a slim client only jar which we package with ActiveMQ to
> reduce our footprint, since we only use the client aspect of ZooKeeper
> - Make the sever more embeddable (for example eliminate using static
> vars to initialize the sever) so that it can be wrapped up in an OSGi
> bundle and deployed in ServiceMix.