Help with SASL configuration for Zookeeper on the Microsoft AD.

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Help with SASL configuration for Zookeeper on the Microsoft AD.

Shrikant Patel

Has anyone experience with securing Kafka to Zookeeper configuration and setting up SASL on Microsoft AD account.

We create keytab and principal for Kafka and ZK using

We see these principal in our AD. When ZK and Kafka are launched they are able to connect to Kerberos \ AD server using their individual keytabs. But when Kafka tries to request service ticket for ZK from Kerberos, it errors out using below error.

         sTime is Fri Feb 10 11:48:41 CST 2017 1486748921000
         suSec is 282568
         error code is 7
         error Message is Server not found in Kerberos database
         sname is zk/[hidden email]
         msgType is 30

( , as per this we have set zookeeper.sasl.client.username so that zk is used for zookeeper name)

It seems the issue is we may not setup SPN (servive profile name) correct, or link the user account\keytab to the SPN.

We have spent good amount of time with our IT\AD team on this. We are ready to provide some monetary incentive to anyone if they help us resolve this issue.


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