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Best recipe for distributed cron

Aristedes Maniatis
I'm new to Zookeeper; I just landed on this project because our upgrade to Solr Cluster required it. But I'm intrigued by what we can do outside of Solr itself.

One problem we have is distributed cron jobs. Typically jobs that might run hourly or daily, but we want these jobs to be able to failover to another node in case of failure. Our apps are all Java.

I've read the recipe page:  but am still a bit confused about the best approach.

If each node had an hourly cron script (either just a process which sleeps or a Quartz driven thread), which then wakes up to get a lock from Zookeeper, then I'd need also to store a "next run on" date in Zookeeper so that we don't run too often. So then I'd need a lock plus a date property in Zookeeper, protected by that lock.

On the other hand, one node could be elected leader through zookeeper, then run jobs as needed. All jobs would always run on one node until it lost an election.

Am I going about this the right way? Is there a library for Quartz-Zookeeper? Or some other best practices for this type of use.


Aristedes Maniatis
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